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Manufacturer: Genopharm.
Substance: HGH.
Packing: 10IU

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Somatropin 10 IU from Genopharm:

Stimulates the growth of lean muscle mass and protects its destruction;

Accelerates fat burning;

Improves recovery and strengthens the immune system;

Strengthens bone tissue and prevents the risk of injury;

Has a rejuvenating effect for the skin and body.

Quantity: 10 vials of 10 IU.


HGH Somatropin from the company Genopharm is a unique growth Hormone! “Why?” you ask, “Because the market is such a large selection of Somatropin?”. Human growth hormone is from Genopharm always gives predictable results and HAS NOT been tampered with! On the official website you can at any time enter the unique code you purchased product, and for a few seconds to authenticate it. HGH Somatropin is already in use by many professional athletes, media personalities and even Amateurs who want to look and feel at the highest level!

What is HGH Somatropin and how does it work?

Somatropin is a peptide hormone type and contains in the chain 191 amino acid, being a precise analogue of the growth Hormone produced by the human pituitary gland. The mechanism of action and functions of Somatropin is identical to endogenous GR, but are more pronounced due to the high concentration, which could not provide work of the pituitary gland.

Who can use growth Hormone? A person of any age and gender, who have no benign or malignant neoplasms. GR is the best pharmaceutical preparation for mass, and enhance quality, which gives the same positive effects as in men and women, with NO SIDE EFFECTS!

What will HGH Somatropin girl?

Improved vitality and stress resistance in spite of work, family and children, time for training and at the same time, you always feel good and full of energy;

Burns fat without loss of muscle mass and reduces the appearance of cellulite;

Rejuvenation – increases the quality and appearance of skin, hair, appearance becomes more fresh and rested;

The maintenance and growth of muscle volume – allows you to save a sexy shape during drying and to gain quality muscle mass without fat;

Strengthens the bones, prevents risk of injury, restores the joints;

Interesting fact! Many Hollywood stars use human growth Hormone to maintain “expensive” appearance. One of the stars of Alan Stewart admitted it first: “When I noticed that my hair began to turn grey, I decided to start a course of HGH. I began to feel more energetic and more confident, and the doctors said that my organs began to work much better that show my tests”. By the way, Alan Stewart for over 70 years!

What will HGH Somatropin man?

Improved vitality and stress resistance, ability to endure heavy loads;

The opportunity to burn fat even in the recruitment of muscle mass;

Amplified, synergistic effect when combined with other hormonal drugs;

Retains muscle mass and a strong immune system for the PCT;

Rejuvenates both externally and internally and improves the quality and appearance of skin, hair, appearance becomes more fresh and rested;

Strengthens the bones, prevents risk of injury, repair joints.

Interesting fact! Sylvester Stallone admitted using human growth Hormone for a long time. For the filming of the movie “Rambo”, he used the combined course Testosterone + GR. “Every man should try as it gives a sense of confidence to the man and enhances the quality of life. Mark my words, in 10 years it will be sold in pharmacies!” – says the actor. By the way, in 2007, Stallone was detained at the airport with 48 bottles of GR. The fact that the actor didn’t know about the restrictions of this drug in Australia. Of course the media made a big deal out of this event, a bunch of unimaginable conspiracies. At the moment the actor is over 70 years old and he looks manly, strong and happy!

As you know, we try to test all that sell HGH Somatropin is no exception! We are very interested in what this growth hormone began to use many Pro athletes and just media personalities. So we decided to try it for yourself. So far, we can confidently say that all mentioned properties are manifested, both in men and women. For reliability, we checked the analyses of GH and IGF-1, and was pleasantly surprised!

welcome Genopharm HGH Somatropin

Method of application you will see below, he is no different from other growth Hormones. But don’t forget about some of the features:

From C quick half-life, so it is recommended to divide the daily dosage into several ones.

Somatotropin, the peak concentration occurs after 2-4 hours after injection, and then within 24 hours back to the base value.

application Method:

Application: the Classic course from 12 to 24 weeks (six months). Less than 12 weeks of meaning to do no! Injected subcutaneously, slowly. Very convenient places for injection are the abdomen. Injection sites must be periodically replaced, this will help prevent lipoatrophy (atrophy of subcutaneous fat).

Preparation: For the preparation of the drug should the contents of the vial to be diluted in one milliliter of solvent. The solvent must be typed in a syringe and inject it into the vial, puncture the rubber stopper. To mix the drug needs to dissolve, but to sharply shake the bottle impossible. Recommend to buy insulin syringes – 100. 10 then each division is equal to 1 UNIT of HGH (very easy to read the dosage). I can fill a syringe full (fit a smooth 10ed Gras) and put it in the fridge. As practice shows it can be a time to inject 1 syringe (1 syringe is only used by 1 person).

a Course for beginners and women: to Begin with 2 IU/IU per day, splitting the injection into two times: 1 IU/IU on empty stomach and 1 U/IU 12 hours later. A month later, to bring a dose of 4 IU/IU per day: 2 IU/IU on empty stomach and 2 U/IU 12 hours later.

the Course is for experienced athletes: Start 5 U/IU per day, splitting the injection into two times: 3 U/IU on empty stomach and 2 U/IU 12 hours later. A month later, to bring the dosage of 10 U/IU per day: 5 IU/IU on empty stomach and another 5 IU/IU 12 hours later.

Storage: While the Growth Hormone is in a dry form, it is desirable to store at temperature from 2 to 8 degrees, for example in the refrigerator (but not in any case not in the freezer). After dilution Gras and bringing it to liquid form, storing in the fridge is not Advisory, but mandatory.

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