Stanover 50mg (vial),, oral steroid, which


Manufacturer: Oral steroidwhich.
Substance: Stanozolol.
Packing: 50 mg/ml.

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From Winstrol, oral steroid, which is
Acting chemical substance:stanazolol Manufacturer:, oral steroid, which Concentration:50 mg in 1 ml (vials 10ml) the Price is for:1 bottle (10ml)

the Vial 10ml, 1ml/50mg

You do not like the Ilium veterinary Stanazolic and Winstrol from balcan? thenStanover, oral steroid, which will be a great choice. For reviews quality of the drug at altitude. Good oderena the consistency of the slurry is easy to type.

in Total vial500 mgmaster substances. It is very convenient because you can dial in the syringe 30-50-70 mg.

storing started the bottle too, no problems. Each time before the puncture, wipe the stopper with alcohol and the bacteria will not get inside.

How to adopt

If you are the beginner, try 30 mg a day. If the increase of strength and muscle mass will slow you can increase the dosage to standard50 60 mg.

Injectable stanazolol is more effective than oral + does not irritate the stomach.

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