Sustamed 250mg / ml (amp), Balkan Pharma


Manufacturer: Balkan Pharma.
Substance: Sustanon.
Packing: 250 mg/ml.

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Sustanon from Balkan Pharma:

Sustamed – powerful steroid for bodybuilders sustamed 250 has a high androgenic and anabolic effect.

Active substance of the preparation:


Among similar drugs Sustamed 250 is allocated by frequency of injection not more than one within 15 days. The highest level of Testosterone was observed after two weeks. After about 15 days the rate of hormone decreases to the initial level. The drug is only used in sports.

Action Sustamed

choosing the Right dosage results

Weight gain due to protein synthesis
Increase libido
Increase appetite
The growth of aerobic abilities of the body
The arrival of more oxygen to the muscles

High efficiency of the product provide components that operate one after the other. Thus, the athlete does not need to regularly enter the medication.

Application Sustamed

the Course not more than 8 weeks at 250-750 mg for 1 week. In the appointment of dosage must take into account the individual features:

Sports experience
The time of reception of steroids
Goals of the athlete

Doctors do not recommend the use of Sustamed women because of the probability of occurrence of infringements of a hormonal background. The drug is most effective when taken in conjunction with:

nandrolone (rapid weight gain)
winstrol (elevation, dry)
Side effects Sustamed

most Often occur when athletes do not use Sustamed 250 antiestrogens. At elevated doses of the substance are advised to use to date Clomiphene citrate. Sometimes there is:

Increased body hair or baldness

to Start taking steroid recommended minimum dosages. Do not forget that doping control Sustamed 250 is detected for 3 months.

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