Sustanon 250mg (vial), British Dispensary


Manufacturer: British Dispensary.
Substance: Sustanon.
Packing: 250mg/ml

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British Dispensary of Sustanon from:
the Active chemical substance:testosterone Mix Manufacturer:British Dispensary Concentration:250 mg in 1 ampoule (1 ml) Price listed is for:3ampoules(1 ml)

1 ampoule 1ml/250mg.

Sustanon 250 ampoules from British Dispensary

to get the highest results in sport, the athlete comes to the decision to use anabolic drugs that will contribute to these desires. Indeed, today, you can find quite a number of bodybuilders who use Sustanon 250 course and are completely satisfied with the results. After all, this anabolic means really having much positive impact.

Sustanon 250 ampoules from British Dispensary what is it?

Sustanon is an injectable anabolic tool that today is used not only in the field of medicine, it also found my purpose in life and in sports. Sustanon is considered to be quite a popular drug which is appreciated due to its high activity and practicality. With each passing day he more and more finds its purpose in the field of sports. Buy Sustanon 250 today, both in pharmacy and in the store of sports nutrition. Current technologies allow to create the drug in the available amount, so there is no shortage of this anabolic to be just should not. He has a quick and powerful effect, so will be able to give the athlete all those nice changes are needed.

Anabolic Sustanon 250 profile

– conversores estrogen;

– the duration to 16 days;

– androgen and an anabolic index of 100%.

– detected up to 90 days.

the Positive qualities of Sustanon 250

– strong anti-catabolic effect;

– increase in erythrocyte mass of blood;

– increase muscle mass;

– restore nervous system; – increased appetite;

– quick recovery after heavy physical exertion;

– increase endurance to stress.

Method of application and dosage of Sustanon 250

Injection of the drug should be administered in the gluteal region because there there is a rapid absorption of the drug. Course duration should not exceed 2 months, otherwise people may face undesirable consequences that can be irreversible. The average dosage is 250-750 mg per week, which would be sufficient to get a good result. Price Sustanon 250 allows even beginners to acquire the drug and to increase their physical performance in sports. But, in the first stage of the drug, you should definitely pay special focus dosage, it is in any case should not exceed a predetermined norm. If you hold the course at higher doses and with increasing duration of the course, in this case, it will need the use of human chorionic Gonadotropine.

PCT Sustanon 250

Already the 10th day after treatment, athletes are recommended to take Tamoxifen, the dose of which is up to 20 mg per day, it will help to produce endogenous Testosterone. Due to this, you always get to keep up muscle mass. Sustanon 250 reviews show that the drug is indeed endowed with all the necessary nutrients for optimal functioning, and enhance athletic performance.

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