Sustanon 250mg (vial), British Dispensary


Manufacturer: British Dispensary.
Substance: Sustanon.
Packing: 250 mg/ml.

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British Dispensary of Sustanon from:
the Active chemical substance:testosterone Mix Manufacturer:British Dispensary Concentration:250mg per 1 ml Price is for:1 bottle (10ml)

the Vial 10ml, 1ml/250 mg

If you set the maximum weight as your main goal, then you definitely will not be able to do without the Testosterone esters. For many years they are the most optimal type of sports pharmacology, because there are most courses. Most pharmaceutical companies understand the role of the drugs based on Testosterone, because the company BritishDispensary decided to go further, offering its own version, which includes 4 types of Testosterone. Wide popularity the drug has received under the name of Sustanon.

Sustanon is actually an ideal option for masonboro and excellent combined with other drugs. It is great not only skilled but novice athletes.

Though the drug is slightly higher than the same amount of Testosterone esters separately, but this is due to the perfect combination and easy to use. Almost every athlete that has representation in this matter, understands the difference between one prick and four. At least Sustanon is the ideal way to gain quality muscle mass, but do not expect more dry, because for those who have views vstupitelnoe career, need an additional course of drying.

the effectiveness of the drug on the course:

• Fairly fast set of high-quality meat

• Incredible increase in power performance

• Small water content, which will be good for the joints

• Growing power endurance

• there is a small fat burning effect

• a Noticeable increase in appetite.

• Increased erections and libido,

• the Minimum rolled back with proper PCT

• Good results in messamore after the course and drain the excess liquid.

The proper reception of sustanon

the Course of this drug is the easiest way to gain impressive muscle mass. The interaction of four different types of Testosterone that have different half-lives, provide a smooth hormonal. The presence in its composition of decanoate causes the drug once a week. Do not exceed the recommended dosage of 250-500 mg, otherwise there is a high probability will encounter unpleasant side effects.

If we talk about the duration of the course, the minimum value will be a six-week term, and the estimated 8. The most popular option is a combo of Deca. This option is often called the classical, as one drug is aimed at enhancing androgens, and the second improves anabolism. This combination allows in a relatively short time to obtain not only a serious increase in mass, but to make a huge leap in power terms.

If your goal is to increase strength and muscle definition, not macsaber, it is ideal to combine the drug with light oral steroids by type of Oxandrolone and winstrol. They need to be consumed daily for the background.

potential effects

Speaking of solo know, Sustanon shows excellent results. Side effects on the type of drug and the speed dial fat appear only in case of exceeding the optimum dosage, increasing it up to 1000 mg/week. It is not recommended to increase the effect of the drug by increasing the dosage. Much easier to hook up the deck and eliminate the risk of side effects. A set of water, as such, can not be called a side effect. He works for the benefit of our joints, which is especially important with the growth of power.

Proper PCT after a course

a Huge mass of positive reviews due to the fact that esters of Testosterone is quite easily controlled, especially after discontinuation of the drug. Starting with 3-4 weeks you should start to take anastrazole. Most suitable dosage of 0.5 mg at intervals of one to two days. This scheme allows you to control the flavoring, to avoid to catch, but even at higher dosages. The actual will be adding Gonadotropine in the last few weeks as a way to stimulate its own Testosterone. The most optimal dosage is 1000 IU daily.

the PCT should start after three weeks since the last injection of the drug. Clomid and tamox perfect, but it is worth remembering that the second is not suitable for compote, based on nandrolone. The General course of PCT should not be more than two weeks.

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