Testocypol 200mg (vial), Lyka Labs


Manufacturer: Lyka Labs.
Substance: Testosterone Сypionate.
Packing: 200 mg/ml.

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Testosterone Cypionate from Lyka Labs:
the Active chemical substance:Testosterone Cypionate (testosterone cypionate) Manufacturer:Lyka Labs Concentration:200 mg/ml. Price per:bottle 2 ml

the Vial, 2ml, 1ml/200mg

This broadcast is a complex (long), therefore the duration of impact on the body can reach 15 days. The closest analogue of the Testosterone cypionate is another form of pharmacological male hormone enanthate.

the Main difference from cypionate enanthate lies in the more complex structure of the first. The difference is one carbon atom, in the opinion of many athletes, promotes rapid increase the concentration of Testosterone in the blood, especially compared to enanthate. Also it is considered that Cypionate holds less liquid, which is an important factor for many athletes.

Features testocypol 200:

The ester of the male hormone, which does not require frequent injection;
Can be successfully combined with many types of steroids;
Can be considered as a complete replacement enanthate;
It has high anabolic and androgenic index.
Does not harm the liver and its enzymes;
Creates a smooth hormones without jumps, provided systematic injections;
Injections are not accompanied by pain syndrome.

What is Testosterone Cypionate?

As mentioned above this course cypionate can be compared with the course enanthate Testosterone. That’s two oil ester of the male hormone with prolonged action. Cypionate is widely used in many sports where strength is important. However, the most peculiar application of the so-called massanari courses in bodybuilding. Testosterone is a fundamental basis of any quality of course, the phenomenon of recoil which will be minimized.

Of androgenic and high anabolic activity, muscle growth happens quickly, as well as the increased strength characteristics. During the course Testosterone cypionate the athlete slightly accumulate water, which is not as bad as it seems at first glance, because the rush of fluid improves the condition of the joint and ligamentous apparatus, and thereby minimize injury.

in Addition, it should be noted that in contrast to classical purely anabolic steroids Cypionate Testosterone dramatically improves the regenerative ability of the body. The rate of this drug you will be able to train more often and harder, especially when combining the course with other steroids.

cypionate Dosages Testosterone

Testocypol you should use the standard procedure: 250-400 mg per week. In the solo variant can increase the dosage to 500 mg in case you are a beginner, or up to 1000 mg if you are an experienced chemist. But remember: the most effective is a combination of Testosterone cypionate with other drugs, such as nandrolone, boldenone, or with oxymetholone.

do Not use Cypionate together with enanthate. This is two almost identical air. You always choose just one of them. Many athletes recommend doing standard courses of 6-7 weeks. To get the maximum result with using a long ester cypionate course you should do long to 9-12 weeks depending on health status and outcome. During the course, you can change its components using first light, oral medications, and then attaching something more serious, such as an ordinary deck.

Effects of course Testosterone cypionate:

A quick set of muscle mass;
The acceleration of the recovery of muscles, energy exchange and the state as a whole;
Increasing of power characteristics without harm to the joints;
Increasing power endurance;
A more powerful pump;
Increase in libido and a strong erection relevant;
Improved mood and vitality;
Elimination of depression found in some steroids;
Easy fat burning effect, which is expressed with the right diet.

cypionate effects Side Testosterone

If you use the above dosage and to follow simple rules of the course, no side effects does not catch you. Negative reviews cypionate are associated with the huge dosages that lead to aromatization the conversion of male hormones into the female. With adequate injections and the combination with normal quality medicines of any adverse reaction occurs.

the Accumulation of fluid can be considered a temporary side effect. Immediately after the course the water will merge, and you lose slightly in weight, but the muscle form has improved markedly due to a pronounced vascularity and relief. In General we can say that the recruitment and fusion of water is a positive factor than a negative.

If the tests indicate the high aromatization plug antiestrogens. Watch out for the testicles. During long courses will not be superfluous to pierce Gonadotropin to stimulate their Testosterone.

PCT after cypionate

the Course on the basis of Testosterone cypionate (testocypol) requires a standard PCT with a duration of 1-2 weeks. Start post-cycle therapy after 10-14 days after the last injection of cypionate. During the course, you can use Proviron and other helpers. For PCT buy Tamoxifen or Clomid, in General, the estrogens.

Testosterone Cypionate doesn’t leave behind severe violations of the hormonal system. Thanks related with a male hormone the classical structure of the PCT will fully restore your health, even if the wrong rate.

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