Testoprol 100mg (Testopel), Lyka Labs


Manufacturer: Lyka Labs.
Substance: Testosterone Propionate.
Packing: 100 mg/ml.

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Testosterone Propionate from Lyka Labs:

Manufacturer Lyka labs

release Form – 10 ml on 100 milligrams

Active substance – Testosterone Propionate

With each exercise, feel the drop in motivation and grooving fatigue? Power doesn’t grow as muscle mass? Fix its position, giving your body a powerful boost for the continued growth – order Testoprol-100. The drug is a synthetic analogue of the male hormone Testosterone and has a stimulating effect on muscles and the mood of the athlete.


Once in the body, active substances provide a maximum concentration of Testosterone in the blood for 1-2 days, that helps:

muscle Growth.
Increase strength and endurance.
Improve mood and motivation to workout.
Stimulate the process of burning fat in the body.
to Strengthen joints and bones on a background of fluid retention.
the development of a specifically male sexual characteristics, whether the roughness of voice or strong hair on chest and face.
Increase libido.
due to a number of positive effects, Testopel is used in many fields, from bodybuilding and powerlifting to weightlifting and power of extreme. It is used even when burning fat, enough to go on a diet that provides a calorie deficit.

Interesting fact: according to statistics, a solo course of the drug in small dosages and duration you can gain 5-7 kg muscle mass. And this is with minimum side effects and low recoil phenomenon.


As with any remedy based on Testosterone, the drug from Lyka prone to high aromatization. Therefore, when it received the classic side effects such as gynecomastia, increased sweating, acne, severe fluid retention in the body.

to minimize or even eliminate the side effects should monitor the hormonal system on the course, make the relevant pharmacology and be sure to pass the PCT. And, of course, to follow the rules of admission.

Fact: high aromatization makes the drug is not the best option for women. Even in small doses, virilization is possible.


the recommendation is as follows:

the Range of optimal dosage in the range of 150 – 1,000 mg per week. To select a specific value should be based on overall health and hormonal system, the goals and experience of the reception of pharmacology. Beginners should start with 100 mg and gradually increasing the dose;
To control the side effects of using aromatase inhibitors, and apply them when needed, regularly giving tests;
the best course is 6-8 weeks;
For PCT use of Tamoxifen, aromatase inhibitors to restore the natural production of male hormones.
the combined course possible to combine the drug with different steroids depending on the purpose: the recruitment of muscle mass, increase strength and endurance, burning fat.

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